Technical-rubber goods is a comon name for all kinds of products of the rubber industrz which are used in other branches of industry.

Depending on the purpose, the products have to be resistant to mechanical damage, weather, ozone, bases and acids, oil derivatives, high and low temperatures. The following elastomers are used: natural (NR), styrene-butadien (SBR), acrylonitrile butadien (NBR), choroprene (CR), and isobutylene (HR), depending on the requirements and purpose.

We stress that, beside the standard programmes mentioned in this site, we can organize the production of custom-made goods, promptly and with a high degree of excellence, on customer's molds or on molds of our manufacture which meet the customer's requirements.

Besides the described programs, TRAYAL Corporation can organize the production of rubber-technical goods for application in water supply plants, such as: compensators, hydro-pack parts for filter presses, rubber coverings for butterfly seals.

In the area of mining we also have high-specialized equipment for production of the parts fitted into high capacity rubber belt conveyors, horizontal and vertical pumps for hydro-machines, hydro-cyclones, mills for ore grinding.

In the area of textile and paper industry we are producing the rollers of different dimensions resistant to chemical with antistatic properties and low gas leakage.

For the application in construction industry, TRAYAL Corporation produces elastomer bearings NAL, allowing moving in two directions, and the rotation around different axis.

Our speed moderator TRAYAL STOP is made of elements in alternating black and yellow color.

trayal stop

Foils, electro isolating, antistatic floors and foils according to clients demant for different purposes, are also a part of production program.

Electro isolating foil corresponds to the quality, and the certification concerns testing along complete lengh on 20.000 V.

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