Kama NF-202


Kama NF-202

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Truck tyres which are usually used for the steering axle of the trucks and buses. This tyre is designed for all seasons so it has excellent adhesion on wet surfaces which increases the stability and driving safety.

Type: Truck/bus tyres

Tyre sizes: 215/75 R17.5
                   235/75 R17.5
                   285/70 R19.5
                   315/70 R22.5    

Season: All season

Brand: Kama

Tyre warranty: 25 months

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215/75 R17.5, 235/75 R17.5, 285/70 R19.5, 295/75 R22.5, 315/70 R22.5, 385/65 R22.5


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