Viatti Strada V-130

Viatti V-130

Viatti Strada V-130

Viatti is a special brand of tyres within the Kama program which are produced by a special German technology and Italian design. These tyres combine superior level of safety and comfort. Viatti tyres give the driver a feeling of complete security and allow him to retain his usual way of driving under any circumstances.

Type: Passenger car tyres

Tyre sizes: 175/65 R14
                   185/60 R14
                   185/65 R14
                   185/65 R15
                   195/65 R15
                   205/55 R16
                   205/60 R16
                   215/55 R16

Season: Summer

Brand: Kama

Tyre warranty: 25 months

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175/65 R14, 185/60 R14, 185/65 R14, 185/65 R15, 195/65 R15, 205/55 R16, 205/60 R16, 215/55 R16


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