Protective devices and rubber goods

Factory of protective devices is the structural part of Trayal Corporation. The production of protective devices has long tradition and dates back in 1925, when the production of the M-27 Protective Mask started. After World War II , the company operating by the name of “Miloje Zakić”  manufactured industrial explosives, activated carbons and protective masks. Since 1995, the production of  protective devices, tyres and explosives has been integrated into Trayal Corporation.

By using its own experiences, modern technologies and knowledge Trayal Corporation has developed products whose quality and safety fulfil national and European standards.

Trayal Corporation manufactures and offers a wide range of products in the area of:

-personal protection

-collective protection

-rubberized textiles

-activated  carbon

-technical-rubber goods .

They are all widely used in chemical industry, food industry, textile industry, automotive industry, in civil engineering, agriculture, electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry, medicine and in many other fields.