Transportable water tanks

The 300 & 500 dm3 water tanks are intended for temporary storage and transportation of potable water from the water supply point to users. Tanks are transported by motor-lorries or helicopters.

The 300/500 dm3 tanks are made of double rubberized synthetic textile of quality that guarantees good water quality.
Tanks are belted with a system of girts having rings and fasteners for fixing to vehicles.
Empty tanks are packaged in protective covering.
Pockets sewed to covering are used for placing tools, accessories and spare parts.
The 300/500 dm3 tanks are filled with water directly from water supply points or indirectly using some containers. Standard connectors allow water feeding through hydrants while flexible funnel simplifies pouring of water using handy containers.
Feeding of water under pressure out of hydrants or water-carrying vehicles using pumping provides max useful volume. Free fall feeding and using handy containers (cans) allow min useful volume.