Rubber goods

Technical-rubber goods is a common name for all kinds of products of the rubber industry and metal production which are manufactured at the plant of technical goods and which are used in other branches of industry.

Depending on the purpose, the products have to be resistant to mechanical damage, weather conditions, ozone, bases and acids, oil derivatives, high and low temperatures. The following elastomers are used for the manufacture of rubber parts and rubber-metal parts: natural (NR), styrene-butadien (SBR), acrylonitrile butadien (NBR), choroprene (CR), and isobutylene (HR), depending on the requirements and purpose. The steel parts of particular quality are used for the manufacture of metal parts and rubber-metal parts.

We point out that, besides the standard programs mentioned on this site:

-protective devices,

-automotive industry,

freight traffic,

-measuring and control technology and

-home appliances,

we can organize the production of custom-made goods, promptly and with a high degree of excellence, by means of customer’s molds or by means of molds of our manufacture which meet the customer’s requirements.

Besides the afore mentioned programs, TRAYAL Corporation can efficiently organize the production of rubber lining for butterfly seals for use in water supply plants.

In the area of mining, we also manufacture the parts to be fitted into rubber belt conveyors and mills for ore grinding.

In the area of textile industry, we manufacture rollers of different dimensions resistant to chemicals with antistatic properties and low gas leakage.