Trayal Corporation produces tyres in two factories: Factory for agricultural and industrial pneumatics – FTIP in Parunovac and Factory for  two wheeler tyres and inner tubes – FGDUG in Cicevac.

Trayal Corporation uses raw materials and constructive materials of world renowned manufacturers of raw materials in the production of tyres. Factory of TRAYAL corporation is equipped with laboratories that are performing the required input control of all raw materials. Trayal Corporation also has the certificate of ISO 9001/2008 one of the leading certification institution TUV – Rheimland which guarantees the quality of our tyres. Factory has a testing laboratory which performs regular quality checks of tyre in the development and regular control tyres from current production.

Factory for agricultural and industrial tyres has the longest tradition in rubber production, starting from 1927. when the production of protective face mask M-27 started. External bicycle tyres, tyres for forklift and wheelbarrow began with production in the end of 50s of the last century, and the first diagonal passenger car tyre were produced in 1964.

The factory has decades of experience in the production of compound for tyres: for air industry, cargo, passenger, light truck, industrial, agricultural, tyres for multipurpose construction machines, motorcycle, bicycle tyres, inner tubes, for bladders, the products of the defense industry, protective masks, protective equipment as well as a variety of commercial, technical rubber products.