Production of activated carbons in the factory protective equipment, has a rich and long tradition. After World War II, the development of the means to protect persons and respiratory diseases, initiated the production of activated carbons. To date, developed a wide range of activated carbons which are widely used in many areas.
The increasing vulnerability of working and living environment, especially water and air, so that the activated carbon become indispensable in the process of purifying water and air, but they started in a variety of technological, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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Years of experience and modern technologies of production of active carbons provide reliable quality that matches international standards. This is confirmed by many of the key application in the country and the world.
According to its purpose, activated carbon can be divided into:
1. Activated carbon for water and other liquids
2. Activated carbon for purification of air and gases and vapors and gases recovery
3. Activated carbon for industrial applications
4. Activated carbon for medical use

1. Activated carbon for water and other liquids

Water that contains unwanted impurities and contaminants, it must be appropriate activated carbon to purify the required quality of its application. Adsorption of these compounds using the following activated carbon:
- For treatment of drinking water
K-81 / B, CCS, KRF, H - granulated, grain and extruded activated carbon
K / B 900 / 10 ACP - activated carbon powder
- For treatment of mineral water
K-81 / B, CCS, H - granulated, grain and extruded
- Waste Water Treatment
K-81 / B, CCS; KRF - Granulated, grain
H, H-1 - Granulated, grain
- For dehloration
K-81 / B, CCS; KRF - Granulated, Grain
H - Granulated, extruded
Regeneration or reactivation of activated carbons, which were saturated with some adsorbent, provided again their effective implementation.

2. Activated carbon air purification

Purification of air with the smell and smoke, we use several types of activated carbons:
- Purifying the air in individual protection
KI-91 / A, KI-91 / B, KI-2001 / K; KI-2001/BE; KI-2001/ABEK - Granulated, Grain
- Purification of air in the collective protection
CC-81 - Granulated, Grain
R, H - Granulated, extruded
- Special (NBC) protection of individual or kolektivnnu
KZI-81, KI-81-3 - Granulated, Grain

3. Activated charcoal for industrial use

The application of activated carbons in many industries is aimed at improving product quality, protection and working environment as well improve the efficiency of the production process. The most important application of active carbons are:
- Food Industry
S2A (6-8), S2A / S - activated carbon powder
- Pharmaceutical Industry
S1, S2: G - activated carbon powder
- Chemical and oil industries
ACRC (2 to 2.5); ACRC MP (10x30) - Granulated, Grain
- Nuclear power
K-No - Granulated, Grain
- Gas purification
K-88, KI-88 - Granulated, Grain
R, H - Granulated, extruded
- Recovery steam and gases
R, H - Granulated, extruded

4. Activated carbon for medical application

Activated carbon powder, for medical purposes, are used as granules or tablets. The effectiveness of activated carbons based on the adsorption of poisons and toxins that stimulate metabolism, bacteria or inflammation of the abdominal-intestinal tract. Most used are the following coals:
- Human medicine
- Veterinary drugs

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