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Activated carbon

The production of activated carbons in Protective devices factory has rich and long tradition. After the First World War development and production of protective respiratory devices initiated the production of activated carbons. Today wide rang of activated carbons is applied in all modern life spheres.

The increasing vulnerability of working and living environment,especially water and air made the activated carbon important material in process of protection. Activated carbon also have the important role in many industrial process in chemical, food,pharmaceutical and other industries.

Product type: Activated carbon 

  • Air and gas purification and vapor and gas recovery 
  • Purification of water and aqueous solutions 
  • Industrial application 
  • Medical application in accordance with the parameters of the technological procedure in which it is applied. 

Color: black 
Material: carbonized coconut shell, beech retort coal 
Standards: EN 12915-1, EN 12902, European Pharmacopoeia Ph.Eur.6.0-ph

According the purpose, activated carbons can be divided into:

Long experience in production of activated carbons in TRAYAL Corporation provide reliable quality that matches all international quality standards. This is confirmed by many of key application in the country and the world.

Activated Carbon for water and other liquids treatment

The application of pesticides and other chemical agents for plant protection and weed control, expansion of industrial production leads to pollution of land and direct threat to groundwater, rivers and lakes that are sources of drinking water.
Most of the toxicity of pollutants present in the water are inorganic substances, heavy metals (such as arsenic, lead and mercury), ions (fluoride and cyanides), organic substances (such as phenol and trichlorethylene) and microbiological pollutant. Adsorption is one of the most effective and most economical techniques in water treatment. Activated carbon has been proven as an effective adsorbent for the removal of a wide variety of contaminants.

Activated carbons for potable water

In water treatment activate carbon is used for removing free chlorine and organic materials from potable water. That leads to better quality of water related to taste, odour, colour.
This is very important for water plants , production of juice, ice creams and other products.
For that purpose activated carbons that can be used are:
-Activated carbon in powder,
-K/B powder or ACP 900/10,
-Granulated activated carbons,
-KZ-81/C, KCS, K-81/B, KRF.
Both types of activated carbons are made from selected high quality carbonised coconut shell activated with water steam. That assure high quality of activated carbon, related to its activity and mechanical strength what is main condition for it application.

Activated carbons for waste water

The colour and the odour that are present in the waste water after many industrial process represent one of the most dangerous pollutants that directly effect an environment.
Most often such waters with a very low purification process directly discharged into the sewage system or what is even more dangerous in the river or lake. From an environmental point is completely unacceptable. The economic part is also very important.
Purified waste water sometime can be reused in process what significantly saving on one of the most important natural resources.
Pollutants from the water adsorbed on charcoal may also have a secondary application or be brought in the inactive form that would be environmentally acceptable or even applicable.
The examples  treated waste water can be found in the wood-processing industry, the metal industry (the surface protection of metals), and others.

Activated carbons for Air pollution treatment and protection

Air pollution is result of industrial development and modern life (restaurants, fast food production etc).
On the other side accident situations like fires, explosions are one of significant sources of pollution that prejudice human life.
Using the filters for individual and collective industrial protection is imperative for protection of people and environment. That filters are made with next types of carbons.

A – organic vapours and gases;
B – inorganic vapours and gases;
BE – inorganic vapours and gases;
E – protection against sulphur oxide;
AB – protection against organic and inorganic gases;
ABEK complex – protection against all type of gases
( classification according EN14387)

Air treatment in industrial areas demand different filter design with different types of carbon, depends of pollution source. As producer of activated carbons with long history TRAYAL Corporation is able to give all needed engineering support in design of filters and in checking quality if activated carbon in exploitation
-Special group consists of filters accident situation where it provides protection against carbon monoxide CO and other acidic and basic gases. …
-For special (NBC) individual or collective protection
-for recovery steam and gases of organic solvents, air purification of compressed air.

Activated carbons for industrial using

The most significant users of activated carbons :

Food industries:


Nuklearne elektrane:

  • for water treatment, in production of juices, alcohols, milk, ice creams, etc
    Used types :KZ-81/C, KCS, K-81/B, KRF or K/B powder i ACP 900/10.
  • for treatment of juices and wine -S2A/S(4.5-5.5), S2A(6-8).
  • for moving colors of starchy foods -S2A/S(4.5-5.5), S2A(6-8).
  • pharmaceutical industry- SX, MEKS-95,
  • chemical industry-KZ-81/C, KCS, K-81/B, KRF or K/B powder i ACP 900/10
  • Nuclear power production – KNe

Activated carbon for medical application

Due to its high adsorption surface of the non-selective adsorption capability (adsorbing a wide range of pollutants, toxins and poisons, that encourage metabolism, bacteria or inflammation gastro-intestinal tract), activated charcoal can be used in human and veterinary medicine.
Produced and certified according to the standards to meet European Pharmacopoeia Ph.Eur.6.0.

Active uglalj Mex-95 was used to prepare tablets (compact) and the capsule, for human use.

Activated charcoal Mex-95 / In is used in veterinary medicine as an auxiliary agent.