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Automated hail protection

Automated hail protection using remote anti-hail stations

Maximum efficiency in defense against the hail!

There is no comprehensive data on the damage caused by the city in Serbia. Sporadic estimates that refer only to agriculture speak of damages of more than 40 million euros a year. There are no data on damages in the economy, forestry, damages on immovable property and vehicles of citizens, on injuries of domestic and wild animals, on damages that occur as prolonged or indirect effects. It is estimated that the total damages are up to 100 million euros a year. The media, with their secular, wrong and sensationalist texts, often create additional damage in society, harass citizens, and blame the wrong institutions.

The World Meteorological Organization warns: due to the disturbances in the Earth’s climate, the occurrence of storm-weather processes is increasing from year to year, and thus the city and the damage it causes.

The hail protection system in Serbia works similarly to most countries in the world – sowing hail clouds with silver iodide. The defense of the city is entrusted to the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute, which manages as it knows how to “kill” as many grains of the city as possible with insufficient money from the state budget. Meteorologists have developed their part of the job to the highest level, the rockets are of the most modern type and extremely efficient, but when a rocket needs to be fired – it happens that there is none, that there are no shooters.

Example: The damage from the city on the territory of the municipality of Ivanjica only one day, on May 14, 2015, was greater than the total value of the annual procurement of anti-hail missiles for the whole of Serbia.

The new Trayal system solves all objective and technical difficulties and provides the maximum possible efficiency in the defense against the hail.

Trayal’s new project – Automated hail protection with remote anti-hail stations (APGZ), with proven own anti-hail missiles, is a missing link – it’s a solution: absolutely effective defense against the hail!