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Conficularness and warranty

The seller is obliged to deliver goods that is the conformity agreement, consent. 50. The Consumer Protection Act as well as responding to the unshipping of the goods delivered.

In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, Trayal Corporation accepts the obligation to do without delay, no later than 8 days of receipt, responded to the customer with the reasoning of the decision and the proposal of resolution.

If it is a product that:

By content, quality and purpose corresponds to the seller’s description
According to content, quality and purpose corresponds to the description that has given the third party on behalf of the seller
Possesses the necessary properties at the customer’s request
Possesses the properties required to use the device of the same type

At that time, the service is conformed to the agreed and in that case, the legal responsibility of Trayala does not exist.

Duty notification before concluding the contract

Article 13

The trader is obliged to inform consumers in a clear and intelligible manner in Serbian and the language and a national minority in accordance with the law, in accordance with the law, in accordance with the law, in accordance with the law,

1) Basic features of goods or services;

2) business name, parent number, seat addresses and telephone number;

3) sales price or method of selling price, if the nature of goods or services, the sale price cannot be determined in advance, as well as any additional postal costs and transportation and delivery costs and opportunities for these costs can be put on consumer at the expense;

4) method of payment, manner and delivery method, manner of execution of other contractual obligations;

5) the existence of legal responsibility due to the dismissal of the goods or service contract;

6) manner of declaring complaints to the merchant, and especially on the place of receipt and the manner of dealing with the trader, as well as conditions related to the exercise of consumer rights based on conformity;

7) during the offer and sale of technical goods on the availability of spare parts, connection apparatus and similar parts, technical service, ie maintenance and repair in terms of the period in which the non-consistency of the contract, ie after the production and import of goods;

8) conditions for termination of the contract, if concluded for an indefinite period of time or if extended automatically.

Depending on the circumstances of a particular case and the type of goods or service, the merchant is obliged to inform the Consumer Contracts before the conclusion of the consumer contract.

1) duration of the contract;

2) minimal duration of contractual obligations;

3) functionalities, including measures of technical protection of digital content;

4) relevant interoperability of digital content with hardware and software that a trader has known or reasonably expected to have knowledge;

5) existence and conditions of post-sales services and guarantees.

The trader is not obliged to inform the consumer about the data from St. 1 and 2 of this Article, if these details clearly arise from the circumstances of the conclusion of the contract.

In the case of a public auction, a trader can notify the consumer about address and data that are important for identifying the identity of the auctions in place of the data referred to in paragraph 1 of paragraph 2) of this Article.

If the retailer and consumer conclude the contract, the data from para. 1 and 2 of this article become its integral part.

The burden of proving execution of the obligation to inform consumers about the data from para. 1 and 2 of this Article shall be borne by the merchant.

If during the conclusion of the contract, the trader does not comply with the obligation of the notification from para. 1 and 2 of this Article, the consumer may require the annulment of the contract, regardless of whether the trader intended to state it to the conclusion of the contract. The right to demand the annulment of the contract is terminated for a year from the day of concluding the contract.

PROVISIONS ST. 1 and 2 of this article also apply to water supply contracts, gas or electricity when they are not offered for sale in limited or pre-determined quantity, to contract supplies and digital content that is not delivered on a permanent carrier records.

Remedied by the disagreement after the expiry of the legal deadline

After the expiration of the legal conformity of the goods (2 years), the customer is responsible for the given goods.

If disobey appears within six months from the day of the risk of consumer, the removal of disreputability is possible by repair with the explicit consumer consent.

The consumer cannot break the contract if the dismissal of the goods are slight.


The guarantee is a statement of the manufacturer who guarantee the consumer than the law than prescribed by law.

Starting from the provision of Article 52 of the Consumer Protection, the trader is obliged to refrain from using the terms of the “guarantee”, if no more rights is acquired than the legal responsibility of the merchant for the disagreement of the goods contract and other rights in accordance with this Law. The merchant is responsible for the disagreement of the goods contract, which appears within 2 years from the day of the transition of the risk of consumers. In this sense, the guarantee may only relate to the consumer acquires more rights, when a trader responsibility period is longer than 24 months.