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St. Vitus Day Award Given to Milos Nenezic from Kruševac

St. Vitus Day Award, which is the highest award presented by the City of Kruševac on the occasion of St. Vitus Day, has been given to Mr. Milos Nenezic, President of the Serbian Association of Employers and General Manager of Trayal Corporation, for exceptional results in work and creativity.

As a prominent businessman and holder of responsible positions in Kruševac, Miloš Nenezić has been awarded in recognition of exceptional results in the field of economy, sports and for his contribution to the development of the city.

“To be recognized and especially to be accepted in one’s own hometown is the most difficult thing. The award is not always given to the most deserving ones, and even when it is the case, it includes the efforts of many. A lot of dedicated work is on the path to success, a lot of worries, sacrifices, efforts, sweat, pleas, sleepless nights which are not usually seen on the outside, and all of that is somehow forgotten or at least suppressed when success comes, and public recognition, praise, awards are the crown of effort. Each award is a recognition for the achieved results and an incentive for the future”, Mr. Nenezic pointed out.

Milos Nenezic has been a longtime businessman with great business results and a real example of how to improve the business environment. By engaging in the Association of Employers as its President, then in the Chamber of Commerce as President of the Assembly, as well as being a permanent member of the Economic and Social Council of the Republic of Serbia, he has contributed to the improvement of the economic environment in Serbia.

As General Manager of Trayal Corporation, he reanimated and revitalized it twice, thus preventing it from bankruptcy both times. Today, Trayal is the largest collective in the Rasina District with 1,275 workers, four factories, and a tradition of 133 years. In March of this year, the company handed an employment contract to 153 new employees, for the first time in 30 years the company does not have any mortgages, pledges, loans or outstanding debts, and the previous business year ended in a historic sales result of more than 50 million euros.

Mr. Nenezić is also involved in changes to the education system as one of the first advocates of dual education and the creation of educational profiles in accordance with the needs of the economy. He has also contributed to sports and, as the President of FC Napredak, he has contributed to raising the reputation of the Club, while FC “Trayal” has become stable in the First League, and Karate Club Kruševac has won numerous medals at the European and world level.