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Meeting of the Leaders of the Rubber Industry in Jastrebac

Trayal Corporation hosted a meeting of the Group of Manufacturers of Rubber and Rubber
, at which the largest representatives of this branch of industry had the
opportunity to express their preferences, introduce themselves to each other and continue
their joint successful cooperation. The rubber industry is one of the strongest industries in
Serbia, and in the first seven months of this year, a growth of 26.7 percent has been

– As the General Manager of Trayal Corporation, I am especially pleased to host such an
event. The increase in tire production is important for both Serbia and individual
manufacturers, and cooperation between them is a good example of how other companies
should cooperate. Although we are competitors in certain markets, we manage to find a
common language – said Milos Nenezic, Chairman of the Group of Manufacturers of Tires
and Rubber Products within the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

There are close to 80 manufacturers and companies engaged in manufacturing tires in
Serbia, and today’s conference was attended by representatives of the world most famous
companies in this field such as “Toyo Tires”, “Cooper Tires” i.e. “Goodyear”, “Tiger” i.e.
“Michelin”, and many others.

– Investors come to Serbia for several reasons, the first one is that we have an organized
political system and an extremely developed infrastructure. We have a tradition in the
manufacture of tires and skilled workforce that makes an exceptional contribution and,
what is important to investors, all this at much lower prices than they would have in some
more developed countries – he noted.

Dragan Stevanović, Secretary of the Association of Chemical, Rubber and Non-Metal
Industry of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce
, pointed out the fact that the rubber
industry is one of the strongest branches in Serbia. He added that after last year’s
stagnation, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, tire production in the first seven months
of this year has increased by 26.7 percent.

– We continue the growth trend in order to reach one percent of the total world production
of tires, we are very close to that. Despite the fact that there has been a progressive
increase in prices of raw materials, especially since March this year, and their transport is
also made difficult, we are recording an increase in production. We expect Serbia to be a
serious point on the world map of manufacturers of rubber products and tires – he said.

The rubber industry has a large share in the process of green transition, namely this
industry annually generates over 20 thousand tons of waste that remains as the process of
expired products, and it is very important to take care of the life cycle of the tire after it has
been removed from the car.

– We try very hard to provide recycling, the basic principle we are guided by is that the life
cycle of the tire is put back into use. Serbia recycles close to 20,000 tons of tires that are
later used in production in the cement industry, as a new product in road construction or in
the production of insulation materials – said Sinisa Mitrovic, Director of the Center for
Circular Economy of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce