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Trayal Corporation Opened a New Factory in Jasikovac

The new Trayal Factory for the Manufacture of Cast Explosives, “Obilićevo”, at the location
of Jasikovac in Parunovac, has been ceremoniously opened today by the Minister of
Economy Andjelka Atanasković and the General Manager of Trayal Corporation Miloš

Production has started, and the General Manager of Trayal Corporation asked
the Minister of Finance for the promised money in order for the project to be completed.
The factory, which is unique in this part of Europe and equipped with the most modern
technology, will employ 40 workers. The newly opened factory is one of five such factories
in the world.

– It is a great pleasure to open a state-of-the-art factory on Vidovdan, when Kruševac
celebrates 650 and Trajal 132 years since they were founded. We opened the factory
mostly thanks to the Ministry of Economy and our business partners, and it is with their
help that we managed to show that the symbiosis of Serbian knowledge can lead to the
most advanced world technologies – said Milos Nenezic, the General Manager of Trayal

According to him, the opening of the new factory is a big deal, not only for Trayal
Corporation, which has thus secured its future, but for the entire Serbian defense industry.

– The Serbian Army is delighted with our program and there are indications that they will
focus their attention on the composite and rocket fuel factory. In this factory, we continue to
produce ammonium-perchlorate, a raw material which is extremely important for Serbia,
and lithium-perchlorate, and in such a way Trayal has definitely entered the very top of the
defense industry of Serbia – he said.

He pointed out that, thanks to the Ministry of Economy and its business partners, Trayal
Corporation managed to start up the plant in the factory, but that has not been finished yet,
and called on the Minister of Finance, Siniša Mali, to “fork out money” and for the Ministry
to provide funds that have been promised for the factory.

Minister Andjelka Atanaskovic received, on behalf of the Ministry of Economy, a plaque for
her exceptional contribution to the work and development of the Trayal Corporation.

– This factory is the first one in the entire region and it has a great chance of operating as
best as it can with our support. I congratulate the General Manager of Trayal on his effort
and hard work and on his vision to do something new and to provide his fellow citizens
with secure jobs, and I wish Trayal even better progress in the future – Minister Andjelka
Atanasković said

The new factory for the manufacture of cast explosives of the latest generation has been
designed according to the highest world standards, new equipment has been installed in it,
which enables remote monitoring of the work process, and the layout of the facilities
ensures the safety of workers and the environment.