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KAMA Tyre Brand Specification

Since the mid of 2016, Trayal Corporation has become the authorized agent and distributor of the Russian tyre brand “KAMA” for Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Albania. Within this brand in our offer there is passenger, light truck and truck tyre program that you can also purchase from our web shop.

“KAMA” is a famous tyre manufacturer and the leader in the Russian market, which comes from the city of Niznjekamsk. They are recognizable for their quality passenger tyres for the Russian jeeps LADA NIVA and trucks tyres 20“ and 22.5″.

The advantages of the Russian producer of the “KAMA” tyres are:
-fuel savings up to 15%
-improved mobility and reduced possibility of skidding
-tyre mileage up to 500 000km
-less weight of tyres
-safety when it comes to the environment
-the best ration between price and quality.

Viatti Tyres

In the “KAMA” program there is a special place for the tyre brand “Viatti”. The new brand combines all the superior levels of safety and comfort. “Viatti” products have successfully passed a large number of tests and achieved the highest professional ratings. These tyres are being produced according to an exclusive German technology. “Viatti” tyres give the driver a feeling of complete security and allow him to retain his usual way of driving under any circumstances.

Choose KAMA tyres and get the best quality for the price! Let your next choice be “KAMA”!