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Trayal Corporation Celebrates Its 132 nd Anniversary

Trayal Corporation solemnly celebrated its 132 nd anniversary with a series of events.
One hundred new workers were hired on a permanent basis.

A documentary called “Phoenix from Lazar’s City”, which covered the history of this
company, was shown in the ceremony at the Cultural Center of Trayal Corporation, and
then Miloš Nenezić, General Manager, gave the following speech:

– An extremely difficult year is behind us, and in 2020 we achieved the highest total
income since the founding of the Trayal Corporation. The two large projects of Trayal
Corporation were successfully launched this year, the project of automated anti-hail
protection and the construction of a composite rocket fuel factory. We still have a long way
to go, and the credit for where we are right now belongs to the workers of Trayal
Corporation, led by the Independent Trade Union and the Management of Trayal. We had
the full help of all social structures, starting with the local self-government, led primarily by
Bratislav Gasic, the former mayor, as well as other republican authorities, because when a
giant falls to its knees, it is very difficult for it to get back to normal, and we have been in a
much worse situation.

As a sign of gratitude for the long-term cooperation and great support, the General
Manager of Trayal Corporation presented Bratislav Gašić, Director of the Security
Information Agency and former mayor of Kruševac, with the statue of Miloš Obilić. In his
address to the guests, Gasic congratulated the company on its 132 nd anniversary and
wished it a long and successful work. Acknowledgments and charters were also awarded
to the associates of Trayal Corporation. Besides, workers received their anniversary
awards and gifts were given to retired employees.

The celebration ended with the opening of the exhibition called “Divine Inspiration –
Miroslav Gospel” and a visit to the newly built Factory “Obilićevo” in Jasikovac, nearby
Kruševac, which will be ceremoniously put into operation on Saint Vitus Day (Serbian
national and religious holiday), June 28.